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n. pl. priv·i·ties
1. Knowledge of something private or secret shared between individuals, especially with the implication of approval or consent.
2. Law A relation of interest or identity between parties close enough to make one party subject to a suit on a claim against the other or conferred with the same rights and obligations as the other.

[Middle English privete, secrecy, privacy, from Old French, from Medieval Latin prīvitās, from Latin prīvus, single, alone; see per in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -ties
1. (Law) a legally recognized relationship existing between two parties, such as that between lessor and lessee and between the parties to a contract: privity of estate; privity of contract.
2. secret knowledge that is shared
[C13: from Old French priveté]


(ˈprɪv ɪ ti)

n., pl. -ties.
1. private or secret knowledge.
2. participation in the knowledge of something private or secret, esp. as implying concurrence or consent.
3. Law. the relation between privies.
[1175–1225; Middle English privete, privite < Old French. See privy, -ity]


- The state of being private or secret.
See also related terms for private.
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62) This theory reflected judicial and societal concern with the potentially unlimited liability for sellers in expanding liability beyond privity of contract.
Currently, many T&Cs grant CSPs broad subcontracting rights and often seek to absolve CSPs from or transfer liability to the third party, an entity with whom the customer has no privity of contract.
14) The court observed that the economic loss rule did not apply because the plaintiffs who purchased homes: (1) were not in privity of contract with the sellers of the drywall, and (2) the defective drywall created a "hazard to health and property.
Importantly, the governing law of the contract must be that of an EU state; in some jurisdictions, including the USA, the third party rights of a data subject to damages for breach of contract and access to the contractual terms would be almost impossible to enforce due to issues with privity of contract.
Generally, one who has sustained damages because of professional negligence may not proceed against the professional unless there is privity of contract.
But for a unit owner to claim that a vendor's negligent misrepresentations resulted in compensable harm to them, they must show either actual privity of contract with the vendor or a relationship so close as to approach that of privity.
32) arose from contract, ultramares was not in privity of contract with
It is also readily apparent from the doctrine of privity of contract and Servite that parties most affected by the terms of a contract may have little or no influence on its terms.
In that case, Justice Day argued that copyright did not impose such a right, and wrote that 'In our view the copyright statutes, while protecting the owner of the copyright in his right to multiply and sell his production, do not create the right to impose, by notice, such as is disclosed in this case, a limitation at which the book shall be sold at retail by future purchasers, with whom there is no privity of contract.
Cases are grouped in sections on the formation of a contract, the terms of a contract, remedies for breach of contract, privity of contract and third-party rights, and factors allowing escape from a contract.
Even if it had been determined that Ingrid Ostram was contractually bound to refuse the testamentary gift, there does not appear to be any privity of contract between the appellant and Ingrid Ostram which would allow the appellant to enforce clause 20 of the separation agreement.