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Peggotty and the Yarmouth boatmen having put off in a gale of wind with an anchor and cable to the "Nelson" Indiaman in distress; and you shall go there another day, and find them deep in the evidence, pro and con, respecting a clergyman who has misbehaved himself; and you shall find the judge in the nautical case, the advocate in the clergyman's case, or contrariwise.
While the rest argued pro and con and the air was filled with phrases,--"psychic phenomena," "self-hypnotism," "residuum of unexplained truth," and "spiritism,"--she was reviving mentally the girlhood pictures she had conjured of this soldier-father she had never seen.
Snodgrass arrived, most opportunely, in this stage of the pleadings, and as it was necessary to explain to them all that had occurred, together with the various reasons pro and con, the whole of the arguments were gone over again, after which everybody urged every argument in his own way, and at his own length.
org website presents sourced pro and con arguments, a historical background section, videos, images, and over 180 footnotes and sources.
To insure equilibrium, there are the same number of PRO and CON words in Column B.
Taking Sides, Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Human Sexuality (Taverner 2005) is a good source of Pro and Con debates that initiate discussions on issues such as legal, social and behavioral issues in human sexuality.
Connolly said Thursday that they plan to recommend to the national board Saturday that both a pro and con statement be included in the membership referendum if it is approved by the board.
There also are pro and con assessments on taxing employer-based health and life insurance, imposing an excise tax on non-retirement fringe benefits and lowering the limits on contributions to qualified pension and profit-sharing plans.