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Noun1.professional golfer - someone who earns a living by playing or teaching golfprofessional golfer - someone who earns a living by playing or teaching golf
golf player, golfer, linksman - someone who plays the game of golf
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So I believe I possess the requisite experience a pro golfer would savour at Challenge Tour level,' he said.
A website has posted photos of stars that include pro golfer Tiger Woods, Olympian ski racer Lindsey Vonn, actress and singer Katharine McPhee, popstar Miley Cyrus, actress Kristen Stewart, and model Stella Maxwell, TMZ reports.
The pro golfer - who hasn't been the same since his extramarital sexploits were exposed in 2009 - was pulled over around 3 a.
The developer of the restaurant, which is named for and pays homage to the pro golfer who used to call Dardanelle home, is the S.
It's not common for any pro golfer to settle for second but that's the reality facing the Scot should he actually win the season-ending DP World Tour Championship in Dubai this week.
We were invited along by Jamie Donaldson, the Welsh pro golfer.
8226; Pro golfer and Stellenbosch coach, Anna Becker-Frankel, who also runs the Girls Love Golf programme;
The brush: "While caddying for pro golfer Ted Kroll in the Bing Crosby National Pro-Am golf tournament at Pebble Beach Golf Links in the early 1950s, I was asked by Mr.
Brandel Chamblee, a former pro golfer, said in his end-of-season summary that Woods had been 'cavalier with the rules', and he made parallels with one of his own school experiences when he was caught cheating in a math test and marked down from a grade of 100 to an F.
If I was a top-flight pro golfer I would base my entire schedule on which tournaments had the best offcourse entertainment.
Pro Golfer Pack registration costs $1,000 and includes four golfers, a tee sponsorship and a charitable donation; single golfer registration is $175.