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v. t.1.To propose problems.
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In the process, the volume problematizes the general understandings and scholarship on Balinese culture and music and traces a counter-trajectory--a trajectory that many contemporary composers have traversed.
Studying AJE from its launch in mid-November 2006 to the 'Arab Spring', it explains and problematizes the channel's ambitious editorial agenda and strategies, examines the internal conflicts, practical challenges and minor breakthroughs in its formative years.
The first chapter problematizes the concept of "normal" behavior, pointing out the frequent divergence between good functioning in social/economic and emotional realms.
The novel, whose actions span the twentieth century, both problematizes the image of the Bedouins of Sinai as it has been articulated by the official Egyptian discourse and draws attention to their ongoing marginalization and persecution.
It problematizes diversity's apparent challenge to institutional whiteness.
Acknowledging the distinction problematizes both the explanandum of species cohesion and the explanans of gene flow that are central to the view discussed here.
The power of global capitalism, and the tools of mediation at its command, problematizes the vernacular in this way: Do signs represent or do they create commodified vernaculars?
This article problematizes the notion that one type of parenting is better than another and discusses how the history of queer parenting can be used to resist the "normal" practically and theoretically (SM).
One notable challenge is that preservice teachers rarely have the opportunity to engage their cooperating teachers and supervisors in meaningful discussions of effective practice that problematizes assumptions about teaching and students in the actual context where these practices are occurring.
Finally, in his arguments about the exoticization of black folk culture, he never problematizes the popular representations of the black working class as sordid, profane, "instinctive," or otherwise "uncivilized.
West's historical fictions remind one of Foucault's phrase about "reverse discourse," in this case a narrative that interrogates and problematizes other narratives.
The film continually problematizes his position as a subject," Kofman said.