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Noun1.Proboscidea - in some classifications included in the genus Martynia and hence the two taxonomic names for some of the unicorn plantsProboscidea - in some classifications included in the genus Martynia and hence the two taxonomic names for some of the unicorn plants
plant genus - a genus of plants
family Pedaliaceae, Pedaliaceae, sesame family - the family of plants of order Polemoniales
common devil's claw, common unicorn plant, devil's claw, elephant-tusk, Proboscidea louisianica, proboscis flower, ram's horn - annual of southern United States to Mexico having large whitish or yellowish flowers mottled with purple and a long curving beak
Martynia arenaria, Proboscidea arenaria, sand devil's claw - alternatively placed in genus Martynia
Martynia fragrans, Proboscidea fragrans, sweet unicorn plant - a herbaceous plant of the genus Proboscidea
2.Proboscidea - an order of animals including elephants and mammoths
animal order - the order of animals
Eutheria, subclass Eutheria - all mammals except monotremes and marsupials
proboscidean, proboscidian - massive herbivorous mammals having tusks and a long trunk
family Mammutidae, family Mastodontidae, Mammutidae - extinct family: mastodons
family Gomphotheriidae, Gomphotheriidae - elephants extinct since the Pleistocene
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Genetic similarity between Boccardia proboscidea from Western North America and cultured abalone, Haliotis midae, in South Africa.
Texonomy and distribution of the Siwalik Proboscidea.
proboscidea, asi como la abundancia baja de taxa como Bolivina, Brizalina y C.
Proboscidea louisianica es citada por segunda vez para A.
Adult Peltophryne Adult peltocephala Rhinella crucifer Adult Rhinella granulosa Adult Adult Rhinella icterica Juvenile, adult Rhinella Adult proboscidea Cycloramphidae Cycloramphus Adult boraceiensis Dendrobatidae Dendrobates Adult auratus Eleutherodactylidae Phyllobates Juvenile terribilis Eleutherodactylus Adult coqui Eleutherodactylus Adult johnstonei Eleutherodactylus Adult sp.
Rhynchotheres referred to a genus (Rhynchotherium) within the Order Proboscidea, Family Gomphotheriidae, which inhabited North American from Late Hemphilian to Late Blancan-Early Pleistocene (Lambert, 1996; Pasenko, 2012).
Species such as Dero (Aulophorus) borelli, Pristina bisserrata and Pristina proboscidea occurred, among lotic environments, exclusively in the Curutuba Channel, which may suggest that these species should occur in local with these characteristics, and then, contributed to the turnover in lotic environments.
Longhead dab, Limanda proboscidea Yellowfin sole flounder, Limanda aspera Arctic flounder, Pleuronectes glacialis All Unidentified fish 1 5 Minimum no.
2008) Pristina proboscidea Beddard 1895 1 - - - Pristina americana Cernosvitov, 1937 7 2 - 1 Pristinella jenkinae - - - - (Stephenson, 1931) Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri 116 20 3 - Claparede, 1862 Bothrioneurum sp.
0 -- Martyniaceae Proboscidea Lamiales 0 1 1 1 Melanophyllaceae Melanophylla Apiales 0 ?