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n. Greek Mythology
An Athenian princess who avenged the betrayal and cruelty of her husband, Tereus, by killing their son. She and her sister Philomela were changed into a swallow and a nightingale as Tereus pursued them.


(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth a princess of Athens, who punished her husband for raping her sister Philomela by feeding him the flesh of their son. She was changed at her death into a swallow. See Philomela


(ˈprɒk ni)
(in Greek myth) the sister of Philomela and wife of Tereus: while fleeing her enraged husband, she was transformed by the gods into a nightingale (or a swallow, in later versions).
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Leave out the death of Itylus, Procne and Tereus' son, whom the sisters dismember, boil, and serve to Tereus for punishment, Philomela tossing the boy's bloody head-stump at his father.
After receiving the tapestry, Procne frees her sister and plots bloody revenge against her husband, ultimately killing their only son, Itys, and serving his body as a feast for Tereus.
Responding to this message, Procne kills their son, Itys.
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Writing with her husband, bandmate Dan Moses, Kilbane adapts myths--like that of Procne and Philomela in Weightless or Medea in The Medea Cycle--because she's interested in worlds where fantastical transformations, like a woman turning into a bird, are natural, even expected.
She too graduated with a BA (Hons) in June after playing Dani in Cementville and Juno and Procne in Tales From Ovid.
Relevo para as figuras de Medeia, Procne e Alteia, matres filicidas, que, ao matarem os proprios filhos de forma consciente--ao contrario, por exemplo, de Agave ou Ino-, perdem a sua humanidade e se aproximam, pelo seu acto, do monstruoso.
1) Unlike the painting of Europa (1,1) and that of Philomela and Procne (5,3).
o miticas, como Erifila, Clitemnestra, Procne y Helena.
albeolus, rosefin shiner Lythrurus ardens, swallowtail shiner Notropis procne, rosyface shiner N.
This is the most brutally violent tale in all of Metamorphoses, the story of Tereus, Procne, and Philomela.