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1.The office or act of a proctor or procurator; management for another.
2.Authority to act for another; a proxy.
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In remarks in early 2001 to a conference of prosecutors, Putin stated that the top priority of the Procuracy should be protecting people's rights (see Smith, 2007, p.
Federal'nyj Zakon RF o Vnesenii Izmenenii v Otdelne Zakonodatelne Acty Rossisskoi Federatsii v Svyasi's Utochneniem Polnomochii Organiv Prokuraturyi Rossiiskoi Federatsii po Voprosam Obrabotki Personalnikh Dannikh [Federal Law of the Russian Federation on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation in Connection with the Specification of the Powers of the Procuracy of the Russian Federation Concerning the Processing of Personal Data], ROSSISSKALA GAZETA [ROS.
After being arrested, Kegui's case was eventually turned over to the procuracy with the recommendation that he be indicted for the crime of "intentional wounding.
at 218 ("The procuratorate, modeled on the institution of the procuracy in the former Soviet Union, performs the tasks of approving arrests by the public security organs and prosecuting criminal cases.
He recalled that during the last three years, capital expenditures were sent for the construction of facilities of procuracy authorities and law enforcement bodies.
Other agencies, including the SDCS, the State Penitentiary Service, Customs, Procuracy, and the State Service for National Security (GKNB), reported investigating an estimated 329 cases tied to narcotics related crimes.
In addition to Kien, the Supreme People's Procuracy of Vietnam has also approved an arrest warrant for Ly Xuan Hai, ACB's chief executive officer, the Vietnamese online newswire Petrotimes reported Wednesday.
Judicial--Supreme People's Court; Prosecutorial Supreme People's Procuracy.
The procuracies--administrative bodies that apply the law of North Korea to individual cases--follow this three-tiered system with a separate chain of responsibility to the Central Procurator's Office, the highest procuracy in the DPRK.
Similarly, nationally supervised professional police forces and a national professional procuracy minimize, in relative terms, conflicts and constitutional litigation over issues of criminal law and procedure.
Reviewing posts to the All China Lawyers Association (ACLA) internet forum in 2003-2004, Halliday and Liu extensively document that under these conditions, criminal defense lawyers experienced an acute sense of institutional inferiority relative to the judiciary, procuracy, and police (Halliday and Liu 2007, 79-83, 92).