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n.1.The quality or state of being producible.
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For the B-2, survivability performance was one of the primary reason for the extensive use of carbon fiber composites - cost and producibility were not the most critical factors.
The in vitro bioidentity test was validated according to USP requirements with respect to specificity, precision, re producibility and robustness and its results were compared with animal data.
The deal will see Lockheed Martin company, Sikorsky, building and delivering UH-60M Black Hawk and HH-60M MEDEVAC aircraft; these Black Hawk version craft provide additional payload and range, advanced digital avionics, improved handling qualities and situational awareness, active vibration control, enhanced survivability, and better producibility.
He embarked on Stupid Fucking Bird "with no expectation that it would be produced," he recalls, adding that he kept the profane title "as a challenge for myself'--a reminder to avoid second-guessing his instincts or worrying about offending people, but to "write the play that you want to write exactly, and don't worry about producibility.
Jeanne Brooks, a mechanical engineer with Benet Laboratories, said arsenal and Benet Lab engineers supported and monitored user feedback on the cannon for more than 10 years in search of ways to perfect the breechblock both for functionality and for producibility.
This new 40-W circuit was manufactured using the same process that is being matured through the company's participation in the Air Force Research Laboratory Gallium Nitride Advanced Electronic Warfare Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit Producibility program, an initiative funded under Title III of the Defense Procurement Act.
and actually having an estimate of how those changes would affect the producibility and the cost of the board was really useful.
With that point hammered home, PM-FOSOV conveyed the importance of mature producibility of the vehicle.
Until then, the department used the military standard in contracts to specify requirements, such as manufacturing feasibility assessments, producibility analyses, supplier management and production readiness reviews.
Sanchez, Product development and design for Manufacturing: A Collaborative approach to Producibility and Reliability, Marcel Decker, Inc.
Color Doppler imaging of the eye: normal ranges, re- producibility, and observer variation.
Under the terms of the contract, the engineering, manufacturing and development phase of the program runs 36 months, focusing on system performance, warhead qualification and producibility.