Profiling machine

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a jigging machine.

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Said wheel profiling machine is part of a completely new wheelset overhaul workshop.
The R 8V is a pressure profiling machine, which features an individual boiler, pump, and temperature control for each group head.
The steel fabrication firm, which specialises in manholes and drainage access, has installed a new German-built Trumpf laser-cutting and profiling machine which it says will help it deliver improved quality and the opportunity to develop current products and future designs.
On display at the Friulmac booth (Biesse America), the Contourmat Plus double end-cut profiling machine has a redesigned base frame and feed system for maximum precision when processing components.
One was the dual pallets on the QM-22Aapcs, another was the chip conveyor systems on both the VM-40SAs and the QM-22Aapcs, a third was VM-40SA's capability as a profiling machine since profiling was critical to the medical part the company produced.
IPINYOU also owns the patents for "Audience Profiling Machine Learning Model" and "Audience targeting optimization algorithm".
North Staffordshire is playing an important role in the launch of a new DNA profiling machine thanks to the expertise of a local engineering firm.
5 million during the past year, most recently on a second laser profiling machine.
To support its new subcontracting service, Beakbane has re-equipped its sheet metal operation with a new Trumpf 3030 laser profiling machine and two LVD 3m CNC Easy Form laser press brakes.
The new profiling machine will begin production early in 1999 and the new armoring machine will go into operation during the 2nd quarter of 1999.
With support for virtually every CNC punching and profiling machine available today, the award-winning software offers high performance nesting options and tight integration into legacy data systems such as MRP.
Weinig says its Variomat moulder can handle four-sided profiling, and then finish cut the end of the workpiece, Using the multifunction table, this 4- or 5-spindle moulder is suitable as a flexible end profiling machine.