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A small round cream puff.

[French, perhaps diminutive of profiter, to profit, from Old French, from profit, profit; see profit.]


(ˌprɒfɪtəˈrəʊl; ˈprɒfɪtəˌrəʊl; prəˈfɪtəˌrəʊl)
(Cookery) a small case of choux pastry with a sweet or savoury filling
[C16: from French, literally: a small profit, (related to the gifts, etc, given to a servant), from profiter to profit]


(prəˈfɪt əˌroʊl)

a small cream puff, usu. filled with cream and topped with chocolate sauce.
[1505–15; < French]
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Noun1.profiterole - a small hollow pastry that is typically filled with cream and covered with chocolate
pastry - any of various baked foods made of dough or batter


nProfiterol(e) nt, kleiner Windbeutel mit süßer oder pikanter Füllung
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Guests can end their meal with coconut and lime panna cotta, profiteroles or Valrhona chocolate fondant.
The Chocolate Coated Salted Caramel profiteroles were created to meet consumer's desire for on trend, alternative flavours on traditional desserts.
35-40 cream-filled profiteroles (without chocolate) -- shop-bought are fine, or visit bbcgoodfoodme.
The profiteroles were lovely, said my husband, though he would have preferred them cold.
The exciting menu features loads of new favourites including profiteroles, heavenly raspberry trifle sundae and an indulgent uptown waffle loaded with Oreo cookies, brownie chunks, ice cream, whipped cream, berry compote and chocolate sauce.
99 (below) both defrost in a couple of hours and we liked them more than the chiller cabinet profiteroles we've had from other supermarkets - much cleaner, fresher pastry.
This week, the three challenges include 24 cupcakes, a taxing technical bake involving 20 profiteroles and a showstopping marble cake inspired by their favourite building.
Their three challenges include making 24 dainty cupcakes, a technical bake involving 20 chocolate profiteroles and a showstopping marble cake inspired by their favourite building.
Today most restaurants offer lighter alternatives including popular favourites like cheesecake, profiteroles, pavlova and other more `modern' desserts.