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flowing smoothly or abundantly
[C15: from Latin prōfluere to flow along]


(ˈprɒf lu ənt)

flowing smoothly or abundantly forth.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Latin prōfluent- (s. of prōfluēns), present participle of prōfluere to flow forth. See pro-1, fluent]
References in classic literature ?
Nor after resurrection shall he stay Longer on Earth then certaine times to appeer To his Disciples, Men who in his Life Still follow'd him; to them shall leave in charge To teach all nations what of him they learn'd And his Salvation, them who shall beleeve Baptizing in the profluent streame, the signe Of washing them from guilt of sin to Life Pure, and in mind prepar'd, if so befall, For death, like that which the redeemer dy'd.
com)-- Profluent Solutions, Adelaide's premier provider of internet marketing solutions for local businesses, is delighted to announce its latest service - Adelaide Leads.
For example, in a scene where he is interviewing to participate in an episode of "The Real World," Eggers derails into a biting metafictional polemic, decrying expectations of autobiography's profluent affective "truth.
profluent, confluent (Strong affinity but neither synonyms nor antonyms.
In Untitled (Cosmetics), 1997, Closky collaged the ubiquitous flow and spills of beauty products into a profluent maze of turquoise squirts.
Profluent can occasionally be an old dodgepot and Martin Pipe pair Polar Champ and McHattie appeal more.
The pick of her form from last season suggests she isn't too badly treated off a handicap mark of 120 and the Mick Easterby-trained filly can score at the main expense of Profluent who is seeking a hat-trick.
Profluent is one to bear in mind for a classy handicap chase this winter.
Angus Kerr picked 4-1 shot Profluent, Brian Cowan had Super Nomad (7-2) and George Simpson went for Ichi Beau (11-10).
Both races were over two-and-a-half miles, with a fair fourth to Forestal being followed by an even better four lengths runner-up to Profluent.
The fact that hitherto unheralded performers such as The Pickled Duke (55 points), Maid Equal (52), Lance Armstrong (47), Even Flow (46), Flaked Oats (41) and Profluent (40) scored so heavily only adds to the sense that anyone who followed the usual advice was at a serious disadvantage.
A narrow runner-up to Profluent at Ayr earlier this month, his form looks rock solid following another recent victory by the winner.