music video

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music video

A film or video rendition of a recorded song, often showing the musicians performing or showing images that illustrate the lyrics or the mood of the song.

mu′sic vid′eo

a short film that accompanies a popular song.
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The promotional video shows people having a good time dancing to the tune of Maru-chan's dance song at 35 sightseeing spots and noted places across the city of Shizuoka, including a spot for viewing Mt.
State of Flow says its USP is producing fresh promotional video content with a quirky twist.
In the promotional video, she shared, "It's kind of like, in your face a little bit - in a good way, hopefully.
Some promotional videos can be a bit boring so we wanted to bring a bit of fun to the video.
The need to get key corporate messages across in a concise and effective way allowed short promotional videos to grow from being "nice-to-have" to being essential cornerstones of any media campaign.
The promotional video of the Democratic Progressive Tribune has short testimonies of three candidates backed by the society, who speak about their plans to help voters.
When I came to do my PhD I was looking at the cinema of the 1960s, so decided to focus on the Beatles films, with each of their five films as different chapters, looking at issues such as image and performance and promotional video.
But his acting in the promotional video is as rusty as his finishing against Portsmouth on Monday.
The promotional video also shows that this credit card-sized Bible fits in your wallet, right next to your American Express card.
The New Hampshire Film and Television Office has released a promotional video featuring narration by the late actor and director Orson Welles and appearances by New Hampshire's own Fritz Wetherbee.
A promotional video by car-makers Toyota features the legendary resident of Loch Ness attacking tourists in a pick-up truck.
Last year, Lakehead did its part by producing a promotional video with industry and government support, and distributed 5,000 copies, with another 6,000 on order.

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