Proof load

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(Engin.) the greatest load than can be applied to a piece, as a beam, column, etc., without straining the piece beyond the elastic limit.

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Tenders are invited for CAMC of EOT Cranes, Qty: 09 Nos Located at various locations of ARDC, along with proof load testing (once in a year) of 09 EOT cranes, 01 No mobile crane,01 No manual hoist crane and 02 Nos of forklifts for a further period of 3 years.
e2b calibration, an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration that offers onsite aircraft jack proof load testing and nondestructive aviation equipment testing, is now offering aviation maintenance education on its calibration.
GMI composite manhole covers and frames have an average proof load in excess of 100,000 pounds - more than five times the H-20 loading standard per AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges.
WATER WEIGHTS LTD, provides specialist proof load testing equipment for load bearing structures and lifting equipment.
The crane was tested with a safe working load of 80 tons and a proof load of 100 tons.
Table 1 summarizes the applied and observed tensile failure loads of the DLJ and the type of AE sensor use for monitoring the proof load.
Tenders Are Invited for Camc of Eot Cranes,qty09 Nos Located at Various Locations of Ardc,along With Proof Load Testing Once in a Year of 09 Eot Cranes,01 No Mobile Crane,01 No Manual Hoist Crane and 02 Nos of Forklifts for a Period of 3years.
The Complete Block Including Head Fittings Shall Withstand A Proof Load Equal To Twice The Safe Working Load Swl .
The Pulley Should Be Tested To 50Percent Over Load Along With Test Certificate From Govt Approved Test House For Proof Load And Guarantee Certificate.
Tenders are invited for Chain Pulley Block 3 T Capacity With Is Make 3 Meters Clear Lifting Length Complete With Hand Chain Tested To 50 Percent Over Load Along With Test Certificate From Govt Approved Test House For Swl And Proof Load And Grantee Certificate
Swl-5 Ton Lift -12 Metre No Of Fall Of Chain-Two Safety Factor: 4:1 Velocity Ratio:156:1 Note :-Government Approved Lab Or Oem Proof Load Certificate And Load Testing Certificate Of Individual Cpb Shall Be Submitted Along With Supply