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common nouns vs. proper nouns

Nouns fall into one of two broad categories: common nouns and proper nouns.
All nouns serve to name a person, place, or thing. Those that identify general people, places, or things are called common nouns—they name that which is common among others. Proper nouns, on the other hand, are used to identify an absolutely unique person, place, or thing. A proper noun names someone or something that is one of a kind, which is signified by the use of a capital letter, no matter where it appears in a sentence.
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proper noun

A noun belonging to the class of words used as names for unique individuals, events, or places. Also called proper name.

proper noun


proper name

(Grammar) the name of a person, place, or object, as for example Iceland, Patrick, or Uranus. Compare common noun

prop′er noun′

a noun that designates a particular person, place, or thing, is not normally preceded by an article or other limiting modifier, and is usu. capitalized in English, as Lincoln, Beth, Pittsburgh. Also called prop′er name′. Compare common noun.

proper noun

A noun that is the name of a person, thing, place, or event, such as “Anna” or “France.”
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Noun1.proper noun - a noun that denotes a particular thing; usually capitalized
noun - a content word that can be used to refer to a person, place, thing, quality, or action
common noun - a noun that denotes any or all members of a class
vlastní jméno

proper noun

nnome m proprio
References in classic literature ?
In considering what words mean, it is natural to start with proper names, and we will again take "Napoleon" as our instance.
She was evidently displeased; looked up, and seeing herself watched, blushed more deeply than he had ever perceived her, and saying only, "I did not know that proper names were allowed," pushed away the letters with even an angry spirit, and looked resolved to be engaged by no other word that could be offered.
The names have been purposely concealed; my father himself does not know who this president was, and if he knows, he cannot tell you; proper names are not in the dictionary.
But you know that my memory is merely a mausoleum of proper names.
Johansen he thrashed on the amidships deck the other night, since which time the mate has called him by his proper name.
It seems certain that `Hesiod' stands as a proper name in the fullest sense.
For even a Sphere -- which is my proper name in my own country -- if he manifest himself at all to an inhabitant of Flatland -- must needs manifest himself as a Circle.
Ben enjoyed the fun, and the lads cut up capers till Rose declared that "circus" was the proper name for them after all.
On a balance of the account, however, it may be doubted whether he lost much; for, although he found no property, he found so many debts and various associations of discredit with the proper name, which was the only word he made intelligible, that he was almost everywhere overwhelmed with injurious accusations.
Is my employer, or master, or whatever the proper name may be,' replied Nicholas quickly; 'and I was an ass to take his coarseness ill.
Rebecca Crawley's biography with that lightness and delicacy which the world demands--the moral world, that has, perhaps, no particular objection to vice, but an insuperable repugnance to hearing vice called by its proper name.
Chillip, and of his holding her in such dread remembrance; and both she and Peggotty had a great deal to say about my poor mother's second husband, and 'that murdering woman of a sister', - on whom I think no pain or penalty would have induced my aunt to bestow any Christian or Proper Name, or any other designation.

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