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Noun1.propanamide - the amide of propionic acid (C2H5CONH2)
amide - any organic compound containing the group -CONH2
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New findings on degradation of famotidine under basic conditions: Identification of a hitherto unknown degradation product and the condition for obtaining the propionamide intermediate in pure form.
2-(6-methoxynaphthalen-2-yl)-N-{4-[3-(4- methoxyphenyl)-acryloyl)]-phenyl}- propionamide (8): The propen-1-one derivative (8) was prepared by the reaction of acetyl derivative with appropriately substituted aldehydes in ethanol medium employing alcoholic sodium hydroxide as the catalyst at 0-5 o C.
maytenine (1973b) 3-(4-benzyloxyp Synthesis Poupat henyl)-N-(3-)4- (1971) (3-(4-benzylo xyphenyl)- propionyl aminol- butylamino)-propyl) propionamide 3-(4-hydr Synthesis Poupat oxy phenyl (1971) )N-(3-(4-hy droxyphenyl) -propionyl aminol-butyl amino)-propyl) -propionamide Methyl 4-benzy Synthesis Poupat loxy propionate (1971) N-[3-(-4-amino Synthesis Poupat butylamino) (1971) propyl-]3-4-b enzyloxyphenyI) -propionamide N-Acetyl tetrahy Synthesis Poupat drolunarine (1971) N-Acety Synthesis Poupat lnumismine (1971) Tetrahy Synthesis Poupat drolunaridinol (1971) N-(3-(-4-amino Synthesis Poupat propylamino) (1971) propyI-]3- (4-benzy loxy phenyl) -propionamide 9,9b-Dimethyl Synthesis Husson -l,4,4a,9b-tetrahy etal.