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A salt, ester, or anion of propionic acid. Also called propanoate.


(Elements & Compounds) any ester or salt of propionic acid


(ˈproʊ pi əˌneɪt)

an ester or salt of propionic acid.
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Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) today invited submissions on an application to extend approval for the use of propionates in processed meat.
The Dow Chemical Company introduced UNOXOL[TM] Diol and UCAR[TM] n-Alkyl Propionates oxygenated solvents.
We are trying to deliver adhesion to PC,ABS, PC/ABS, and nylon - and also materials like cellulose propionates and butyrates.
Examples of antimicrobials that are commonly used include organic acids such as sorbates, benzoates, acetates, propionates, lactates, inorganic salts of nitrites, nitrates and sulphites.
price increase for calcium and sodium propionates, effective January 1st 2004, for its North American market.
Verdugt announced that it has completed an expansion of its world scale propionates production facility in Tiel, the Netherlands.