proportional tax

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Noun1.proportional tax - any tax in which the rate is constant as the amount subject to taxation increases
revenue enhancement, tax, taxation - charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government
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VAT is calculated by applying proportional tax rates on the tax base for the taxable turnover of goods, services and import:
The results to Partner C, however, do not reflect Partner C's full purchase price for its share of that $920,000 depreciable asset so that Partner C is not receiving a proportional tax benefit.
The government introduced the proportional tax rate of 26 percent in 1992.
Forum campaigns head Jane Bennett said: "This review is certainly a good, and welcome, start towards creating a simpler and more proportional tax system.
Under a decision that the parliament took at the end of November, a BGN 101 excise duty for 1000 cigarettes is introduced instead of the previous BGN 41, while the proportional tax is 23% of the sales price instead of 40,5%.
Proportional tax on tobacco products and alcoholic beverages were raised to 63 percent from 58 percent.
Regarding the simplification of tax system, the act drafters have established a single proportional tax of 25% from annual revenue of professionals and small companies which turnover is worth DZD5 to 10 million.
A proportional tax with a rate of 10 percent would yield the same revenue as the present progressive income tax.
However, we could modify our model by setting up a fixed amount of relief rather than a proportional tax deduction for net losses and show that a positive amount of relief would increase social welfare.

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