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Noun1.proportional tax - any tax in which the rate is constant as the amount subject to taxation increases
revenue enhancement, tax, taxation - charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government
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He will call for an overhaul of inheritance tax and council tax, on which the proportional tax rate for a family in a PS100,000 house is five times that of someone in a million-pound property.
In absolute terms, he pays a higher tax on consumption anyway because the proportional tax amount for a higher priced good is more than for a lower priced good.
Most economists view the VAT as a regressive tax, although technically, it is a proportional tax.
There is a provincial program where the proportional tax and grant revenue is equalized by the Minister between wealthier and poorer municipalities.
VAT is calculated by applying proportional tax rates on the tax base for the taxable turnover of goods, services and import:
The results to Partner C, however, do not reflect Partner C's full purchase price for its share of that $920,000 depreciable asset so that Partner C is not receiving a proportional tax benefit.
The government introduced the proportional tax rate of 26 percent in 1992.
The proportional tax scenario might proxy for using a mixture of lower spending and higher taxes to service the debt.
The third economic approach is the proportional tax, under which the tax rate is static but the amount to be taxed increases.
One is the activity based taxation by imposing a proportional tax on the net earnings that is donated by a, and 0<a<1.
Via the fund, private companies will be able to invest in Canadian films and receive proportional tax deductions or credits.

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