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n.1.A writer of prose.
2.One who talks or writes tediously.
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Adriana Proser, an Asian arts specialist and senior curator at the Asia Society, said that the spectacular works in the exhibition - including exquisite regalia, jewellery, functional and ritualistic objects, ceremonial weapons and funerary masks - stemmed from collections in the Philippines and were supplemented with objects from the United States.
Le but de ce choix consistait, entre autres, a justifier la conquete de la Tunisie, et du Maghreb en general, en la faisant prevaloir comme etant une reprise d'un territoire qui appartenait a l'empire romain duquel la France coloniale se proclamait heritiere (Boissier 1902 ; Proser 1924 ; Arlaud 1927).
Israel cannot be expected to stand idle as the lives of its citizens are being put at risk by the Syrian government's reckless actions," Proser wrote.
Their UN ambassador, Ron Proser, made acrimonious comments about the UN's failure to condemn terror against Israelis, but avoided any comment on the children and other civilians killed by Israeli retaliatory airstrikes.
He also operated concessions at the World's Fair the summers of 1939 and '40 as a teenager under the flamboyant nightclub owner, Monte Proser.
Investment oscar" went to French Gras Savoye and Turkish Proser firms.
Proser demanded to know why the UN wasn't investigating the "300,000 Tamil civilians currently languishing in Sri Lanka.
Div E: Hutton Rudby 126-9 (M Cooke 43, J Lawton 39) bt ONE CC 78-8 (T Knights 33no); Captain Cook Brewery 130-5 (G Douglas 35no, N Alison 31) lost to Iffy's Takeaway 136-9 (A Mahmood 57no, A McCabe 4-32); Rendezvous 183 (Arslan 102, R Nadeem 35, P Powell 4-54, G Miles 4-14) bt Shaws 118-9 (S Downing 44, Rashid 4-21); H'pool Power Station 133-4 (L Proser 40, M Jordan 34) bt Rimswell 103-8; Skelton Castle 128-2 (C Gratton 82no) bt Poverina.
Martin, Proser, Tigwell, Ramsden, and Benjamin (2000), considering the first domain, sum up the issues: "Simply put, we argue that the critical issue is not how much teachers know or what their level of teaching skill is, but what it is they intend their students to know and how they see teaching helping them to know" (p.