a.1.Consisting both of prose and verse.
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Apparently in imitation of the prosimetrical form of the original, it was revised in a version consisting of 33 prose and 31 metrical sections.
Building upon the work of Wetherbee and Dronke, Balint (classical studies, University of Indiana, Bloomington) examines the prosimetrical form of composition during the twelfth century.
Chapter I considers Dante's founding of prosimetrical self-commentary in the Vita nuova and the Convivio, and suggests that his thinking owes much to Christ's clarification of his parables and the vocabulary used to describe his multiplication of the fishes and loaves.
Roush considers six poetic self-commentators and two forms of comments, the prosimetrical and the glossorial.
One of the manuscripts we are working on is a unique prosimetrical version (written in both prose and poetry) of King Alfred the Great's Old English translation of The Consolation of Philosophy, a work by the Roman philosopher Boethius that was later also translated by both Geoffrey Chaucer and Queen Elizabeth.