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 (prō-sûr′pə-nə) also Pro·ser·pi·ne (prō-sûr′pə-nē, prŏs′ər-pīn′)
n. Roman Mythology
The daughter of Ceres who became the goddess of the underworld when Pluto carried her away and made her his wife.


(Classical Myth & Legend) the Roman goddess of the underworld. Greek counterpart: Persephone


(pərˈsɛf ə ni)

an ancient Greek goddess, the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, abducted by Hades to be queen of the underworld.
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Noun1.Proserpina - goddess of the underworldProserpina - goddess of the underworld; counterpart of Greek Persephone
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For example, "The Garden of Prosperpine," with its delay of the same subject and verb ("she stands"), appears to provide the model for Eliot's first stanza (noted in Powel 90):
Only hand 5 ascribes any of the music to particular composers, "Ivir Purcell" appearing at the head of a six-movement suite beginning on page 95, and "Baptist" and "Mr Baptista" appearing at the beginning and end of four movements from Lully's Prosperpine (pp.
Venus sends Psyche on a final quest, to obtain a box of make-up in the underworld from Prosperpine.