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n.1.(Physiol. Chem.) A nitrogenous phosphorized principle found in brain tissue. By decomposition it yields neurine, fatty acids, and other bodies.
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Karim Benzema and Luis SuAaAaAeAeAaAaAeA rez will be the protagon of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona this Saturday in 'El Clasico' because they are essential for Real Madrid`s coach Zinedine Zidane and Barcelona`s coach Ernesto Valverde.
re sur des retrouvailles amoureuses impossibl sous le signe de l'altAaAaAeA@ritAaAaAeA@ radicale (le premier amour du protagon est une ancienne voisine juive qui reviendra alors qu'il est dAaAaAeA@jAaAaAeA insta et elle arquAaAaAeA@e par une maladie incurable).
La memoria llevada a su extremo absoluto ("Funes el memorioso", de Ficciones) o la capacidad de observaciAaAaAeA n intensifica hasta lo infinito ("El Zahir", de El Aleph) conducen a una cierta insania mental y, ademAaAaAeA s, en el caso de Funes, a la creaciAaAaAeA n de un protagon algo obtuso, cuya memoria prodigiosa la muerte apaga de un plumazo.
In another time, society and political parties would have revolted," said Christina Poulidou, a commentator for the Protagon news site.
Protagonista en elemento grafico Abc El Mundo Total % Total % (n = 197) (n = 155) Jose Antonio Grinan 39 19,8 29 18,7 Javier Arenas 41 20,8 24 15,5 Diego Val Jeras 9 4,6 17 11,0 Otros politicos 1 0,5 23 14,8 Columnista 8 5,2 Expertos 1 0,5 Martin de la Herran 6 3,0 2 1,3 Mariano Rajoy 6 3,0 3 1,9 Pilar Gonzalez 3 1,5 2 1,3 Manuel Chaves 2 1,0 3 1,9 Cayo Lara 2 1,3 Protagon, no cualificados Felipe Gonzalez 1 0,5 2 1,3 J.
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This phenomenon is achieved by the continuous X profile monitoring of the final product by a suitable measuring system such as Protagon or Mahlo positioned at the end of the nonwoven line, prior to winding, and, via the unique closed-loop control system, the computer calculates the compensation profile necessary on the delivery apron of the crosslapper for each monitored X profile, effectively providing the foremost weight evenness in the resultant product.
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Thudichum found a complex mixture of compounds in brain matter and concluded that protagon did not exist.
Pour resister a ce mythe enracine dans la culture, il faudra plus qu'un effort individuel: il faudra s'appuyer sur d'autres mythes, ou sur d'autres ideologies sociales, ou encore faire appel a la collectivite, selon DuPlessis: "The collective protagon ists [.
But if this symbolic structure among the deities makes the woman chaste and the man desirous, it is reversed by the gender alignment of the sublunary protagon ists of Beaumont's poem: desirous Salmacis in pursuit of chaste Hermaphroditus.