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A cellular protein complex consisting of proteolytic enzymes that degrade endogenous proteins, especially those that are damaged, pathogenic, or no longer of use.

[Alteration of earlier prosome (influenced by protease) : pro(grammed), from the earlier belief that proteasomes played a role in regulating messenger RNA translation + -some.]
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to cover many current and relevant aspects of the Ubiquitin Proteasome Sturcture, Ligases, Sumo and more.
Excessive production of reactive oxygen species, mitochondrial dysfunction leading to apoptosis, accumulation and oligomerization of the protein alpha-synuclein, and defective protein disposal by the ubiquitin proteasome system are involved in the complex web of events mediating nigral cell demise.
Given the crucial role of the ubiquitin or 26S proteasome pathway in normal cell homeostasis, one expects that ISG15-induced downregulation of the ubiquitin pathway must contribute to breast tumor cell viability.
The proteasome is an intracellular protein degradation system linked to both of these processes and may help mediate air pollution effects.
It is aimed at advancing new small molecules that function through the ubiquitin proteasome system, modulating specific protein levels for therapeutic benefit.
Firstly, we observed that plitidepsin had activity against myeloma cells, even when these were resistant to conventional chemotherapy, and also it had a synergistic effect when used in combination with glucocorticoids or proteasome inhibitors (bortezomib).
s proteasome inhibitor, marizomib, which is in development for glioblastoma and relapsed and/or refractory multiple myeloma, Triphase said.
Methods: We examined the impact of both natural compounds, at concentrations in its hormetic range on the following cell parameters: chymotrypsin-like activity of the proteasome system; PARP-1 protein levels and expression and caspase activation: APP processing; and the main endogenous antioxidant enzymes.
AbbVie has initiated a Phase III trial to study the safety and efficacy of venetoclax in combination with bortezomib and dexamethasone in patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma who are considered sensitive or naive to proteasome inhibitors and have received one to three prior lines of therapy.
Iceni has demonstrated in pre-clinical studies that Cilcane is effective as a combination therapy when given with proteasome inhibitors such as bortezomib, and that this approach may also be applicable to breast and other cancers.
Bortezomib, the first therapeutic proteasome inhibitor, is one of the primary agents in the treatment of multiple myeloma (MM).
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