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One that protects: applied a protectant to the raw wood.


(Chemistry) a chemical substance that affords protection, as against frost, rust, insects, etc


(prəˈtɛk tənt)

a substance, as a chemical spray, that provides protection, as against insects, frost, or rust.
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Tenders Are Invited For Delivery Of Grass Seed, Topdressing, Fertilizers And Plant Protectants For The County Golf Course And Veterans Cemetery
As I mentioned before in the tips, hair protectants are extremely important, well at least for me as i use a lot heat on my hair.
Cyanoacrylates as skin protectants and as a treatment for skin tears are new in the field of skin care (Chakravarthy & Falconio-West, 2011).
Now you can Super Size" it with Birchwood Casey's new 10 ounce size aerosol cans of three of its most popular firearms cleaners and protectants.
It investigates grain storage products and explains chemical formulas, grain protectants, harvest aid sprays and seed treatment products.
Products include fungicides, insecticides and biologicals; stored grain protectants and a broad line of seed conditioning and treating equipment.
The products are essentially of three types: cleansers, moisturizers, and barrier protectants.
Researchers from the USDA Agricultural Research Service and Engelhard Corporation of Iselin, New Jersey, have developed crop protectants that could reduce the amount of pesticides used by farmers by 50% or more.
The two studies represent "just the beginning of an exciting and potentially generally applicable strategy" for delivering protectants to mucosal surfaces, say Kevin J.
Home & Fabric Care: Antimicrobials, Colors, Dye Fixatives, Fabric Enhancers, Fluorescent Whitening Agents, Ingredient and Surface Protectants, Oxidation Catalyst, Performance Polymer, Rheology Modifiers, Photocatalysts, UV Absorber
Farmers would need such warnings to use chemical protectants now being developed to save plants from ozone damage, notes Joseph Miller at the Agriculture Department's air-quality program in Raleigh, N.
Idebenol targets these highly reactive molecules, which are known to accelerate the skin's aging process, deplete natural cellular protectants and weaken the skin's immune protective system.