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Noun1.Proteles - aardwolfProteles - aardwolf        
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
aardwolf, Proteles cristata - striped hyena of southeast Africa that feeds chiefly on insects
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Family Hyaenidae has four species belonging to three genera; spotted hyena Crocuta crocuta Erxleben, 1777, brown hyena Hyaena brunnea Thunberg, 1820, striped hyena Hyaena hyaena Linnaeus, 1758 and aardwolf Proteles cristatus Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1824.
aardwolf Proteles cristatus (Nel & Bothma 2002), coyote Canis latrans (Ralls & Smith 2004), European badger Meles meles (Roper et al.
A functional analysis of scent marking and mating behaviour in the ardwolf, Proteles cristatus (Sparrman, 1783).