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adv.1.(Anat.) Toward a proximal part; on the proximal side of; proximally.
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2 times as wide as long, with several setae and densely covered with scales ventrally, with several setae dorsally, wider than flagellum; flagellomeres barrel-shaped, longer than wide, each with 2 horizontal circumfila and 2 vertical connectives, completely setulose, with a few scales proximad of basal circumfilum, setae between the horizontal circumfila and short neck (Figure 2), flagellomeres 8 + ?
Cephalic coxae three-fourth as long as the pronotum, slightly inflated proximad, more slender distad, internal face with distal lobe moderately developed, margin sparsely, denticulate: cephalic femora slender, faintly sigmoid, distal five-eigths tapering, very slender, median discoidal spine the longest of the three; external margin with five spines of wich the distal one is much the shortest; internal margin with nine spines arranged in the formula: iIIIIIIi; margins of the cephalic femora other than those sections bearing the regular spine series sparsely dentate, the medio-ventral one distinctly and regular serrate-dentate.
Both sexes of this form have increased black scaling proximad on the dorsum of both the forewing and hindwing and especially in the anal cell of the hindwing (see also Lewis 1985).
The precise shape of metacarpal I in ET 4296 (L85-6) is a process of uniform width with its exterior edge slightly curved back proximad (although it is broken and difficult to describe fully).
5I); file slightly concav, widest centrally, decreasing in width proximad and distad; teeth most densely spaced in central portion of file, their spacing increasing towards proximal and distal apices; all teeth of similar thickness, with irregular morphology at the proximal end of the file (Figs 5G, 9B).