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n.1.A trustworthy citizen; a skilled workman. See Citation under 3d Commune, 1.
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Alex Prud'homme and Katie Pratt are co-authors of the book.
Here's your chance to page through the photo albums of Paul Child, narrated by his great-nephew Alex Prud'homme, who co-authored My Life in France with Julia and wrote The French Chef in America.
Jacques Prud'Homme, President of Nolinor Aviation, said, "We are already transporting Agnico Eagle's workers and cargo to its Meadowbank open-pit gold mine near Baker Lake.
In an interview about the earthquake that hit the southern part of the country on September 7, Jean Francois Prud'homme, a political scientist and general academic coordinator at El Colegio de Mexico, echoed what Monsivais had witnessed.
7m NNW Prud'homme, SK 5 HUNTER: Jeff Schack, Redding, CA BAND #: 1937-64758 SPECIES: Lesser Snow Goose (F) BANDED: 07/31/2011 LOCATION: Ikpikpuk River Delta, AK RECOVERED: 01/22/2015 LOCATION: Near Glen, CA 6 HUNTER: Jeff Schack, Redding, CA BAND #: 1847-94277 SPECIES: Lesser Snow Goose (M) BANDED: 08/08/2008 LOCATION: 8m S Johnson Pt.
The Canadian operations will be led by Sylvain Prud'homme, president of Lowe's Canada.
Una de las dificultades de la izquierda es que frecuentemente se ha quedado en la defensa de temas, banderas, causas, que podian parecer progresistas hace 30 o 40 anos, pero que a lo mejor ya no lo son, o ya no lo son como tal, una cierta vision del Estado, del nacionalismo, del papel del Estado en la sociedad y en la economia, entonces a veces uno tiene la impresion de que hay grandes dificultades para pensar esos temas de manera distinta, afirma Jean Francois Prud'homme, profesor e investigador del Centro de Estudios Internacionales de El Colegio de Mexico.
In 1978 the concept 'school integration' officially appeared in the first special education policy in response to COPEX report published in 1976 (Bergeron & Prud'homme, 2013).
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Similarly, Prud'Homme (1995) argues that redistribution should be excluded from decentralisation policies because "poor people are poor everywhere and should be aided irrespective of their place of residence" (p.
We wanted to make sure sports fans would not go into a place blindly" - Tamara Prud'homme, co-founder and COO.