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The victory for fiscal prudency was especially surprising in a state that, on the same ballot, elected Hillary Clinton to the U.
Lost in all of this discussion about treaties, protocols, and legislative distortion is the key question surrounding global warming: Is drastic action necessary, or are minor steps of prudency more in order?
He said: "The club is on a sound financial base, thanks to the prudency of the Chapman family, and it is on those grounds that I have to perhaps move Motherwell up a gear.
Without the ability to recover the cost of underutilized assets, significant writeoffs are possible, much like the writeoffs that faced pipelines with take-or-pay liabilities and the writeoffs that swept the electric utility industry in the 1980s in the form of prudency reviews.
Some utilities have found IPPs attractive because the utilities purchasing power from them do not subject themselves to as searching prudency reviews as would be the case if they invested in their own facilities.
While transaction numbers picked up again during Q1 2015, we do expect to see more prudency over the course of the next 12 months, ultimately leading to lower volumes and sales price deflation," said Matthew Green, head of research, CBRE.
NERSA will still apply its regulatory oversight, and prudency tests to ensure that costs across the industry have been efficiently incurred.
Tony's appointment will greatly contribute towards strengthening the society's strategic position to allow it to confront these challenges with proficiency and prudency.
However, states need to make tough longer-term decisions about how to manage crises and balance fiscal prudency with broad initiatives on infrastructure and education, among other choices.
Years of prudency and fundraising saw the committee stack up a sum of pounds 45,000, which has recently been put towards Long.
For his part, McCormack lauded the prudency, transparency, far-sight and credibility of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, noting that he happened to meet him several times over the past years.
But of course we are following this up, enquiring and right now prudency is the best course to follow.