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a.1.(Old Chem.) designating the acid now called hydrocyanic acid, but formerly called prussic acid, because Prussian blue is derived from it or its compounds. See Hydrocyanic.
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I don't know what it was, but it had either prussic acid or white lead in it.
His every move was reported to the big Bwana--just what animals he killed and how many of each species, how he killed them, too, for Bwana would not permit the use of prussic acid or strychnine; and how he treated his "boys.
Was not a bowl of prussic acid the cause of Fair Rosamond's retiring from the world?
Thereupon Madame Mantalini, quite unmoved by some most pathetic lamentations on the part of her husband, that the apothecary had not mixed the prussic acid strong enough, and that he must take another bottle or two to finish the work he had in hand, entered into a catalogue of that amiable gentleman's gallantries, deceptions, extravagances, and infidelities (especially the last), winding up with a protest against being supposed to entertain the smallest remnant of regard for him; and adducing, in proof of the altered state of her affections, the circumstance of his having poisoned himself in private no less than six times within the last fortnight, and her not having once interfered by word or deed to save his life.
George bravely recounted the events and stated that his father had at other times been in states of excitement and red faced, and had been known to take prussic acid.
There's a lot of evidence that acute exposure particularly to aflatoxins -- these fungal toxins -- but also prussic acid, can be lethal.
Featuring i sliding prussic knot and carabineer attachment, the SafeLink combines with a hunter's full-body harness to keep him or her safely tethered to the tree at all times.
Although, hydrogen cyanide or prussic acid is highly poisonous, so it is perhaps not a planet I would like to live on
He has created himself not only poetically but also technically, applying the dynamite of nitroglycerin and the caustic preparation of prussic acid to his body and psyche, blasting open his given past in order to live in a self-willed present that, while not nearly as beautiful as "a Michelangelo," is valuable precisely because it is his own creation (242).
Several days later Eleanor was dead, from chloroform and prussic acid, a.
Sorghum-sudangrass makes good livestock forage, though you must not feed your animals young plants (those less than 24 inches high) or those stressed by drought or killed by frost, which may cause prussic acid poisoning.
When leaves from stone fruit trees wilt, they can be poisonous due to the accumulation of prussic acid--a cyanide-containing compound.