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n.1.(Gr. Antiq.) The period during which the presidency of the senate belonged to the prytanes of the section.
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He is probably to be identified with the Casianus Apollonios of Steiria, who was eponymous of his prytany ca.
The identity of Casianus, the prytany eponymos in the list edited by Traill (1982, p.
On the eleventh day of the third prytany, in the Assembly, after the herald has uttered the prayer, a vote by show of hands is to be held on the laws, firstly those connected with the Boule, secondly the general laws then those which are laid down for the nine archons, then the other offices.
15) Aristophanes' butt Kleonymos proposed an important decree for Methone in 426/5 and a major decree on tribute in the next prytany.
This occasion could be either the day, probably in the sixth prytany, when the decision to hold an ostracism was taken, or an informal meeting in the interval between this decision and the actual ostrakophoria.
Particularly remarkable is the failure to make any mention of an Athenian expedition to Sicily, which on any reconstruction of the chronology of 416/15 was already being contemplated by the sixth prytany of that year,(89) with Alcibiades as its most vocal champion.
The interest on these debts, on the other hand, is calculated to the end of the prytany year (W.