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abbr. Bible
1. Psalm
2. Psalms




abbreviation for
(Bible) Psalm


abbr =postscriptP.S.
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Police said on Monday that sub-inspector Sami Ullah was transferred and posted as SHO Terkhanawala police station, Abdul Rasool posted at Shahpur City PS, Najeeb Ullah at Sargodha City PS, Rana Amin and Rana Jamil at Jhaal Chakian PS, Mumtaz Chadhar and Gull Nawaz at Phularwan PS, Mohammad Nawaz Mekan and Aslam at Bhalwal Saddar PS, Mohammad Sarwar at Bhalwal City PS.
At low frequency, the complex viscosity of the PA6 was lower than that of the PS.
The Service also ruled that, because QRS1 and QRS2 would be ignored prior to the merger, REIT would be treated as directly owning 100% of the partnership interest in PS.
2-8] Park and coworkers [2, 3] added poly(styrene-ran-glycidyl methacrylate) (PS-ran-GMA) to a blend system consisting of poly(ethylene-ran-acrylic acid) (PE-ran-AA) and PS.
Exceptions are multi-layer blown-film lines designed to combine layers of polyolefins and modified PS.
the recycled PS is produced from milk bottles and consists of around 50% PS crystal and 50% high impact PS.
Porofor ADC azodicarbonamide chemical blowing agents for rigid and flexible vinyls, crosslinked PE foam, ABS, and PS.
That comes out to a solvent cost of roughly 44-60 [cents]/lb of PS.
Syndiotactic polystyrene is a new class of semicrystalline thermoplastics that are first cousins in chemistry, but not in performance, to familiar amorphous PS.
Company's Porofor ADC azodicarbonamide is a line of chemical blowing agents for rigid and flexible vinyls and for crosslinked PE foam and other thermoplastic foams such as ABS and PS.
McDonald's, for that matter, hasn't stopped all use of PS.
CMXBY: OTC) announced today that its net sales in the fourth quarter of 1998 increased 9% in real terms to Ps.