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(ˌsu doʊˌɪn tlˈɛk tʃu əl)

a person who pretends an interest in intellectual matters.
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It's perfectly acceptable to take pride in your individual style, whether it's a flair for the dramatic, sixties hippie, gothic, punk or pseudo intellectual.
There is relentless, ineffective pontification on justifying the reasons for bad behaviour, coupled with the irrelevant pseudo intellectual "hand wringing" over the inability to tackle the causes.
Only when the movie engages with self-effacing guest star Willem Dafoe, as a pretentious movie director whose pseudo intellectual masterpiece becomes the victim of Bean's mischief (to produce a festival sensation
None of these are subjects for pseudo intellectual debate.
AFTER the performance of Exile Within the choreographer Itzic Galili interrupted my pseudo intellectual ramblings about his work and simply asked: "Yes, but did it move you?
Thank you very much Mr Joffe, a stereotypical TV industry pseudo intellectual if ever we heard one.
Granted, this was after we'd gone paddling in the pseudo intellectual pool of thought that was otherwise known as the 6th form poetry club, and I was a dab hand at teenage angst.
Perhaps the best of the lot is BAFTA winner Rory McCann (the big chap from the porridge adverts) whose character Kenny wants to become a writer, although James Lance - the pretentious student - also hits the mark with his pseudo intellectual ramblings, which get Clare all hot and bothered.
I feel disgusted by such pseudo intellectuals who prefer to turn a blind eye to the problems facing the masses.
Given the fact most other dramas on a Saturday night aim at the lowest common denominator, it's not hard for pseudo intellectuals to get hooked).
Speaking at the conference "Blasphemy by Facebook and the Role of Muslim Youth on Social Media", hosted by owners of Millat Facebook, a Muslim alternative to the US Facebook at Hamdard center on Saturday, the speakers slammed the country's pseudo intellectuals and TV analysts who, they said, had been following the footsteps of Facebook by advocating the abolishment or amendment to the country's Blasphemy laws.