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Noun1.psoriatic arthritis - a form of rheumatoid arthritis usually affecting fingers and toes and associated with psoriasis
atrophic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism - a chronic autoimmune disease with inflammation of the joints and marked deformities; something (possibly a virus) triggers an attack on the synovium by the immune system, which releases cytokines that stimulate an inflammatory reaction that can lead to the destruction of all components of the joint
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Neurologic disorders in patients with psoriatic arthropathy.
40 patients had psoriatic arthropathy and out of these 40 patients, nail involvement was seen in 37 (92.
In an analysis of 518 patients in the spondyloarthritis database at the university, more than half (54%) had comorbidities, and those with psoriatic spondyloarthropathy had significantly more comorbidities than those without psoriatic arthropathy (Pless than .
The Singing Detective 1986 Bill played psychiatrist Dr Gibbon in Dennis Potter's acclaimed musical film noir fantasy about a mystery writer hospitalised with psoriatic arthropathy - a chronic skin and joint disease which Potter suffered from.
After obtaining informed consent from the patients, relevant data such as age, sex, occupation, age at the onset of psoriasis, psoriasis area severity index (PASI), presence of psoriatic arthropathy and psoriatic erythroderma were collected in a proforma.
The patient had been diagnosed with psoriatic arthropathy about 5 years before and the diagnosis was based on Classification Criteria for Psoriatic Arthritis (CASPAR).
He said he suffered from medical conditions including diabetes, asthma and psoriatic arthropathy.
Data also included weight, height, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, duration of psoriasis, type and severity of psoriasis, and presence of psoriatic arthropathy.
It is a fully human monoclonal antibody targeting IL-12 and IL-23, presently undergoing clinical trials for psoriasis and psoriatic arthropathy (2, 34).
Psoriasis, psoriatic arthropathy [Psoriaz, psoriaticheskaya artropatiya], in Russian, Moscow: MedPress
Psoriatic arthropathy is well recognised but uncommon in children.