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Noun1.psychiatric hospital - a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced personpsychiatric hospital - a hospital for mentally incompetent or unbalanced person
hospital, infirmary - a health facility where patients receive treatment
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Earlier in her career, she led the successful implementation of electronic medical records at a psychiatric clinic.
Invitation to tender : Rehabilitation Of Facilities Of The Elementary School Olga Petrov And Psychiatric Clinic Dr Laza Lazarevic According To Already Prepared Detailed Designs In Order To Improve Their Energy Efficiency
Roland Kuttner, Human Resources Manager of the Weissenhof psychiatric clinic, knows: "If you want to get the top job seekers, you have to convince them with attractive offers.
WE LOVE DRAMA HOLBY CITY (8pm BBC1) ZOSIA'S brief spell in a psychiatric clinic, is being officially described as "a holiday" - a deception that her father Guy is keen to endorse.
Whatcom Counseling and Psychiatric Clinic merged with Everett-based Compass Health, effective July 1.
Kazakh human rights lawyer Zinaida Mukhortova has again been detained and placed in a psychiatric clinic, according to RFE/RL.
Unlike the UAE station - where they play pranks on someone upon receiving request from a listener who gives full details of the person - our station simply gives out the same option but ends up prank-calling random numbers found on adverts, newspapers, expat websites, hotels, restaurants, pest control services, psychiatric clinic (yes I repeat, psychiatric clinic) and even people selling their furniture, pets etc.
Bynes is currently admitted in a psychiatric clinic in Ventura County.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner strongly criticized the authorities of Buenos Aires for tough police action during riots in the Borda psychiatric clinic, whose staff were protesting against the demolition of one of the building units.
He's believed to have a long history of mental illness and has been held in an Abu Dhabi psychiatric clinic since his arrest.
The Arkansas Psychiatric Clinic is building a 16,000-SF office in Little Rock in a project worth $2.
A man opened fire in the lobby of a psychiatric clinic at the University of Pittsburgh, killing one person and wounding 7, before being shot himself.

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