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Noun1.psychoactive drug - a drug that can produce mood changes and distorted perceptionspsychoactive drug - a drug that can produce mood changes and distorted perceptions
designer drug - a psychoactive drug deliberately synthesized to avoid anti-drug laws; mimics the effects of a banned drug; law was revised in 1986 to ban designer drugs
dronabinol - psychoactive substance present in marijuana; used therapeutically to control nausea associated with cancer therapy
drug - a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic
euphoriant - a psychoactive drug that tends to produce elation and euphoria
hallucinogen, hallucinogenic drug, psychedelic drug, psychodelic drug - a psychoactive drug that induces hallucinations or altered sensory experiences
tetrahydrocannabinol, THC - psychoactive substance present in marijuana
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Use of any psychotropic drug was highest among non-Hispanic white adolescents, with 8% reporting use, compared with 3% of non-Hispanic black adolescents and just under 3% of Mexican-American adolescents.
The legislation comes amid reports that despite recent reforms, rates of psychotropic drug use among Texas foster children remains high.
According to a recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers analyzed more than 750,000 outpatient prescription claims from 1999 and found that more than 20% involved a prescription for drugs on the BEERS list, 41% of which were prescriptions for a psychotropic drug, most commonly an antidepressant.
Summary: DUBAI - The Dubai Customs recently foiled a bid to smuggle 13,629 pills of psychotropic drug Captagon, weighing 290gm and worth nearly Dh410,000.
I'm fairly confident that after staff have been exposed to regular in-services on pain management, residents will enjoy an improved quality of life, experience fewer pain-related physical and mental disorders, and probably require fewer psychotropic drug orders.
The audience then selects a form of punishment for the nominated shrink: anything from a dunking, to a pie in the face, to electroshock therapy or psychotropic drug doses.
As a result, such vendors have no incentive to control psychotropic drug costs.
Identify if the resident triggers RAPs for falls, cognitive loss/dementia, physical restraints, and psychotropic drug use.
Thirteen chapters contain accessible, evidence-based discussion of diagnosis and classification of major psychological disorders; the effects, indications, dosage, drug interactions, and discontinuation of seven psychotropic drug types (e.
In the decade ending in 1996, overall psychotropic drug use tripled, to 5.
The AHA recommends that physicians gather specific information on each child before prescribing any psychotropic drug.