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Noun1.Pteridophyta - containing all the vascular plants that do not bear seeds: ferns, horsetails, club mosses, and whisk ferns; in some classifications considered a subdivision of Tracheophyta
division - (botany) taxonomic unit of plants corresponding to a phylum
kingdom Plantae, plant kingdom, Plantae - (botany) the taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct plants
genus Pecopteris - genus of Carboniferous fossil ferns
nonflowering plant, pteridophyte - plants having vascular tissue and reproducing by spores
fern family - families of ferns and fern allies
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
class Psilopsida, class Psilotatae, Psilopsida, Psilotatae - whisk ferns; comprising the family Psilotaceae or Psilotatae: vascular plants with no roots, partial if any leaf differentiation, and rudimentary spore sacs
order Psilophytales, Psilophytales - Paleozoic simple dichotomously branched plants of Europe and eastern Canada including the oldest known vascular land plants
class Lycopodiate, class Lycopsida, Lycopodiate, Lycopsida - club mosses and related forms: includes Lycopodiales; Isoetales; Selaginellales; and extinct Lepidodendrales; sometimes considered a subdivision of Tracheophyta
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Pollen and Spore Morphology, Plant Taxonomy: Pteridophyta (pp.
3), there were more than 874 plants that included 227 pteridophyta, 7 gymnosperms and 640 angiosperms recorded (Fan et al.
Estos restos corresponden a frondes esteriles de Pteridophyta, asignadas al genero Weichselia Stiehler, ramos y hojas de Cycadophytas con afinidad al genero Pseudoctenis Seward y organos vegetativos de coniferas con afinidad a los generos Podozamites Braun y Cupressinocladus Seward.
Outside the America (30%) and Asia (25%) each of the three other continents included 15% of Pteridophyta identified.
Vespidae, Diptera: Muscidae, Heteroptera, Auchenorrhynca, Chrysomelidae, Ptilodactylidae, Lepidoptera, Miriapoda: Diplopoda, Arachnida: Araneae, Seeds, Vegetative tissue, Feather, Pteridophyta, Dyctioptera).
Ojendiz Aley y Rodriguez Lopez (2011) registran para Acahuizotla 83 familias, 221 generos con 266 especies de Magnoliophyta (95,87%) y Pteridophyta (4,13%) en el BTC, BG y PI; las formas biologicas estan representadas por el estrato arboreo (25%), arbustivo (20%), herbaceo (40%), bejucos (14%) y epifitas (1%).
As identificacoes foram realizadas por meio de comparacoes em herbarios e literatura e as especies de angiospermas foram classificadas nas familias de acordo com o sistema APG III (ANGIOSPERM PHYLOGENY GROUP, 2009) e para a delimitacao familiar de Pteridophyta utilizou-se o sistema de classificacao de Tryon e Stolze (1989).
Her topics include the art of detoxification, psychotic potatoes and tasty tomatoes, caustics and corrosives, foaming fish poisons, poisonous pteridophyta, and neurotoxic plants of perilous consequence.
Taxon FC FE FB St Pteridophyta Adiantaceae Adiantum subvolubile Mett.