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Noun1.Pteropus - a genus of MegachiropteraPteropus - a genus of Megachiroptera    
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
flying fox - large bat with a head that resembles the head of a fox
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The 2 primary pathways of NiV transmission in Bangladesh are drinking raw date palm sap contaminated with excretions from Pteropus spp.
Recorded species of conservation significance (DSE, 2013) were: vulnerable Grey-headed Flying-fox Pteropus poliocephalus and Powerful Owl Ninox strenua (cover image), both recorded at five reserves, and Southern Toadlet Pseudophryne semimarmorata (Fig.
But another reading is possible, that the word is a mistake for pteropus, the genus name for a very large bat.
Microbial analysis of Indian flying fox, Pteropus giganteus ejecta roosting at Jinnah and Lalazar Gardens, Lahore was carried out from January, through December, 2011 and a total of twelve fungal and twelve bacterial genera were isolated.
Epipelagic egg mass of the squid Sthenoteuthis pteropus collected in the tropical eastern Atlantic.
We're trying to protect the habitat of the Acerodon jubatus or giant golden-crowned flying foxes, and the Pteropus vampyrus lanensis or Philippine giant fruit bat since bats are known to be sensitive to noise, said Garcia in a news conference on Monday.
ASPLENIACEAE: Asplenium auritum (451, Ep, S); Asplenium pteropus (452, Ep, N); ATHYRIACEAE: Diplazium sp1 (467, Ht, Na); Diplazium sp2 (468, Ht, Na); BLECHNACEAE: Blechnum cordatum (455, Ht, S); Blechnum fragile (453, Ep, N); Blechnum stipitellatum (454, Ht, S); CYATHEACEAE: Cyathea caracasana (457, Ar, S); Cyathea fulva (456, Ar, N); Cyathea meridensis (458, Ar, N); DENNSTAEDTIACEAE: Paesia glandulosa (459, Ht, S); Pteridium arachnoideum (460, Ht, S); DRYOPTERIDACEAE: Arachniodes denticulata (469, Ht, S); Elaphoglossum antioquianum (464, Ep, S); Elaphoglossum latifolium (462, Ht, S); Elaphoglossum luridum (461, Ep, N); Elaphoglossum muscosum (465, Ep, N); Elaphoglossum Sec.
Has three subtypes: Pteropus Giganteous (Indian Flying Fox), Rousettus Leschenaulti (Fulvous Fruit Bat) and Cynopterus Sphinx (Greater Short- Nosed Fruit Bat).
En Australia se detectaron anticuerpos circulantes anti leptospiras en 173 murcielagos frugivoros Pteropus spp, aislandose Leptospira sp.
Geoffroy (1810) described the first species presently included in the genus Rousettus Gray I82I Pteropus amplexicaudatus from Timor and the closely related Pteropus leschenaulti from South-East India was named by Desmarest (1820).
SEM study on the dorsal lingual surface of the large flying fox, Pteropus vampyrus.