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Noun1.Phthirus - true lice: crab licePhthirus - true lice: crab lice      
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
crab louse, Phthirius pubis, pubic louse, crab - a louse that infests the pubic region of the human body
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A lot of mobile Pthirus pubis insects were visible on his axillary hair in the affected area [Figure 1]b and [Figure 1]c.
Pthirus pubis has a similar appearances but is normally bigger in size (1-3 mm long) and has broader crab like bodies with three pairs of legs, a small head with short antennae and simple eyes (9), which were absent in both our cases.
crabs'') are even more distantly related and are in a different genus, Pthirus, than the other two.