public-access television

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pub′lic-ac`cess tel′evision

1. a noncommercial system of broadcasting on television channels made available to independent or community groups.
2. one or more channels on cable television that by law are reserved for noncommercial broadcasting by members of the public.
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Margaret Drain, VP of national programming for WGBH, the public TV station in Boston, says, "PBS is seizing on the high ground because cable networks have abandoned the arts audience.
Recently, RAI, Italy's state-owned broadcasting organization, ran full page ads in major Italian newspapers comparing its performance throughout the years with those of other European public TV broadcasting organizations.
The creator of such acclaimed documentaries as the ``Legacy'' series, Wood has outdone himself with his latest: ``In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great,'' which debuts on public TV May 4 and 5.
Their money and lobbying skills created a small network of public TV stations over the next decade, building an infrastructure that would begin receiving a few federal dollars in the early '60s and a lot more after 1967.
V-me is also presented by public TV stations in many cities across the country.
Blogger Ivo Bozhkov won the award for online media; Mariya Cherneva from the public TV BNT, won the award for electronic media; Panayot Angarev from "Sega" (Now) daily won the print media award, and Polina Paunova from "Mediapool" - the award for young journalist.
2 degrees East to provide Direct-to-Home transmission of the public TV channels RTS Sat and Radio Beograd in Serbia.
He then became managing director at public TV station WHYY in Philadelphia, contributing many original scripts.
National public broadcasters could utilize one digital frequency per area covered by each of its transmitters to carry 18 different TV programs and one data service at 2 Mbps each: three public TV networks, plus three national private networks, all the local TV stations and a few pay-TV offerings.
Well, OK, but we can say that Myers' character in the movie is a lonely eccentric who becomes enamored of a charming lady publicist who used to work for public TV.
When the debate over continued federal funding of public broadcasting was at its height a year or so ago, some public TV stations started offering an unusual "premium" during their seemingly incessant funding drives.
Bill Richardson of New Mexico appears for an in-depth, hour-long conversation on Viva Voz, the signature primetime program of V-me, the first Spanish-language network developed with public TV.

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