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As the years went on Herbert worked hard and became a gently good, as well as a learned man, and in time he was given the post of Public Orator at the University.
Appointed Public Orator, or showman, of his university, Cambridge, he spent some years in enjoying the somewhat trifling elegancies of life and in truckling to the great.
Richard's posthumous reputation has been less than glorious,'' Gordon Campbell, the University of Leicester's public orator, noted with understatement about a man whose name was long a byword for villainy.
He also served as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and as the university's public orator.
AS PUBLIC orator at John Moores University, Prof Frank Sanderson must have inaugurated the ascent from undergraduate to graduate of tens of thousands of students.
Mike Ashley has made Howard Hughes appear like a public orator since buying United all those years ago and Llambias, as his chief at the sharp end, has in the most remained equally tight-lipped.
Professor Peter Hodson, public orator at the awards ceremony, said: "The University of Glamorgan has today conferred upon Gian Fulgoni an Honorary Fellowship of the University.
Making the honour, the University Of Liverpool's Pro-Vice Chancellor and Public Orator, Professor Kelvin Everest said: "Jon Snow is the embodiment of responsible serious journalism in an age of hi-tech communications and ever-accelerating change in the pace of life.
Professor Kelvin Everest, the University of Liverpool's Public Orator, said: "We have honoured Maurice Flanagan for his remarkable personal contribution, to aviation in general and to Emirates in particular, a business whose rate of expansion presents what he describes as 'a continuous daily challenge'.
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