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Noun1.Puccinia - type genus of the PucciniaceaePuccinia - type genus of the Pucciniaceae; a large genus of parasitic fungi including many that are destructive to various economic plants
fungus genus - includes lichen genera
family Pucciniaceae, Pucciniaceae - large important family of rust fungi
Puccinia graminis, wheat rust - rust fungus that attacks wheat
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poses a major threat to North American agriculture as the alternate host for Puccinia species causing rust diseases on small grain crops.
Among eight hosts, Artemisia vulgaris hosting Puccinia tanaceti is a new host record from Pakistan.
Leaf rust disease is caused by Puccinia hordei (fungus) in barley.
De acuerdo con Cummins (1971), a nivel mundial, han sido reportadas sobre limoncillo, las royas Puccinia cymbopogonis Masscc, Puccinia nakanishikii Dietel y Puccinia purpurea Cooke, esta ultima roya de importancia economica por parasitar al sorgo comun (Sorghum bicolor (L.
The most promising fungal agents to manage parthenium are Puccinia abrupta var.
Urediniospore and teliospore morphology were consistent with that described for Puccinia emaculata Schw.
Seven species previously reported were not collected again: Aecidium eupatorii, Puccinia improvisa, Puccinia itatiayensis, Puccinia lorentzii, Puccinia millegranae, Uromyces cisneroanus and Uromyces dolichosporus.
La condicion polifiletica de los generos Puccinia y Uromyces fue confirmada posteriormente por van der Merwe et al.
have shown for the first time that stripe rust, caused by Puccinia striiformis, is capable of sexually reproducing on the leaves of an alternate host called barberry, a common ornamental.