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pug·gle 1

A hybrid dog that is a cross between a pug and a beagle.

[Blend of pug and beagle.]

pug·gle 2

A young echidna or platypus.

[Probably from pug, pug nose (from the shape of its snout).]


vb (tr)
Southeast English and US to stir up by poking
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Don't let this chocolate-brown Puggle fool you: Earl is a Daddy's Boy and he loves to pick on Mom.
The Southern California residents met at a local dog park when their dogs, Max and Luther -- a Puggle and Olde English Bulldog, became best friends.
black male Puggle in a red harness was dumped at the animal shelter.
True Tales From the Dog Park" is the first collaboration in a series of stories imagined about a real pair of canine pals, Max Sherman the puggle and Luther Laubenberg the English bulldog.
Writer Kristen Booth has released her latest book Puggle In Pajamas, an illustrated tale of friendship featuring an all dog cast, starring Pete, the "Puggle In Pajamas" himself.
The Borussia Monchengladbach player was left heartbroken after his pet Puggle, named Bali, disappeared over the festive period.
Scarberry, who hails from Kent, WA, said he was walking his puggle on Friday when the animals led their attack.
The 55,000 sq ft property will house the model, her stockbroker boyfriend Omar Khyami, 37, and their five dogs Alvin, Puggle Socky, Buster, Hob Nob and Duke.
Studies of species in the animal world predominate--tigers, reptiles, penguins, a puggle, deep-sea and polar creatures, water scorpions and koalas.
My Puggle refuses to have milk so I feed him curd," says forty- year- old Anjali Gupta.
Amanda Hickey, of Portland, has her seven-year-old terrier-pinscher mix Mardi and two-year-old puggle Penny taking their first flight soon.
Pupils at Lockwood Primary School in Boosbeck received a special visit from Louise Close, from the Dogs Trust, and her Puggle dog, Bailey.