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 (pə-năng′, pē′näng′)


1. (Placename) Also called: Pulau Pinang a state of Peninsular Malaysia: consists of the island of Penang and the province Wellesley on the mainland, which first united administratively in 1798 as a British colony. Capital: George Town. Pop: 1 313 449 (2000). Area: 1030 sq km (398 sq miles)
2. (Placename) a forested island off the NW coast of Malaya, in the Strait of Malacca. Area: 293 sq km (113 sq miles). Former name (until about 1867): Prince of Wales Island
3. (Placename) another name for George Town


(pɪˈnæŋ, -ˈnɑŋ, ˈpiˈnɑŋ)

1. an island in SE Asia, off the W coast of the Malay Peninsula. 110 sq. mi. (285 sq. km).
2. a state in Malaysia including this island and parts of the adjacent mainland. 954,638; 400 sq. mi. (1036 sq. km). Cap.: Georgetown. Malay, Pinang.