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 (po͝ol′mə-zīm′, pŭl′-)
A trademark for the drug dornase alfa.
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Effective from 1st January 2018, eligible people with cystic fibrosis who are taking Pulmozyme (dornase alfa), another CF medication, will be able to add reimbursed Bronchitol to their treatment regime.
Dornase alfa is sold under the brand name Pulmozyme in the US and the EU and was first approved for treatment of cystic fibrosis in the US in 1993 and in Europe in 1994.
At present inhalation has proven to be best suited for the treatment of locoregional conditions using macromolecules such as Pulmozyme and Promixin.
John has filled his prescription for Pulmozyme at his local pharmacy.
The Swiss drugmaker already markets Pulmozyme for cystic fibrosis and Xolair for severe asthma in the United States, and has other experimental respiratory products in clinical development, including another severe asthma drug called lebrikizumab.
The 1990s saw the introduction of the drug Pulmozyme to improve clearance of bronchial secretions (7).
103532 Pulmozyme (dornase alfa) Inhalation Solution MACMIS ID #17309, FDA.
5 mg of Pulmozyme once a day, or 321 patients with 2.
Another is a mucus-thinning medication called Pulmozyme, and the third is azithromycin, a bronchitis treatment that she says "really helps" with CF management.
I perform daily chest physical therapy, with Pulmozyme to loosen the mucus and cough it up, thus reducing my chances of lung infections.
But he has been great since he went on a new inhaler drug called Pulmozyme which helps break down the mucus in his lungs.
Genetech halted clinical trials of the promising drug Pulmozyme, developed to treat cystic fibrosis, when a significant number of treated patients died.