Pulse wave

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(Physiol.) the wave of increased pressure started by the ventricular systole, radiating from the semilunar valves over the arterial system, and gradually disappearing in the smaller branches.

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The mean carotid-femoral pulse wave velocity of the participants, which is an indicator of vascular compliance, was 9.
When your arteries are more stiff, you have higher pulse wave velocity, which increases your risk of cardiometabolic disease in the future,' said Anas Raed, research resident at the varsity.
Pulse wave velocity (PWV) is a reliable indicator of vascular damage and atherosclerosis.
By the nature of traffic DDoS attacks as of October 25-27 can be attributed to the Pulse Wave (when the power drops and rises with the same frequency), but with the planned increase in power from period to period.
Pulse wave velocity was also used to assess patients' carotid-femoral artery stiffness.
The low-potassium mice had increased stiffness of their aortas, and high-potassium mice had decreased stiffness, as indicated by the arterial stiffness indicator called pulse wave velocity, which is measured by echocardiography in live animals.
Arterial stiffness, characterized by imbalances between vasodilator and vasoconstrictive factors, could result in increased pulse wave velocity (PWV), which is associated with functional sclerotic changes in elastic and collagen fibers of the arteries (1, 2).
Comprising a series of short-lived bursts occurring in clockwork-like succession, pulse wave assaults accounted for some of the most ferocious DDoS attacks we mitigated in the second quarter of 2017.
The Body Cardio delivers metrics such as full body composition, heart health metrics such as pulse wave velocity, water percentage in body and muscle and bone mass and costs $179.
No significant changes were observed in blood pressures, resting heart rate, aortic pulse wave velocity, aortic augmentation index-75, aortic pulse pressure, brachial pulse pressure, basal metabolic rate, total body water, fat-free mass, and echocardiographic parameters (p>0.
Tenders are invited for Functional Generator Comprising A Sine Wave B Saw Tooth C Triangular Wave D Pulse Wave Make Htc Or Aplab.
Accordingly, we hypothesized that both the initial pulse wave and the reflected wave travel faster after our model of stretching class.