Pulse wave

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(Physiol.) the wave of increased pressure started by the ventricular systole, radiating from the semilunar valves over the arterial system, and gradually disappearing in the smaller branches.

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SDG5000 signal generator apply Siglent's own pulse generating technology EasyPulse, so it can output stable, precise, wide range pulse wave, which becomes a leading product in China.
Measurements for pulse wave velocity, blood pressure, and plasma antioxidant status were made at baseline and at four weeks.
In clinical exams, the Belgium researchers measured 62 adults' blood pressure, heart rate, weight, height, body mass index, pulse wave velocity and augmentation index.
Driven by best-in-class science, technology, and service quality, CoreLabs is a global leader providing ECG, Holter, Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring, Spirometry, Glucometry, and Pulse Wave Analysis.
NEW ORLEANS -- The use of an oral contraceptive for at least 10 years was associated with increased carotid and femoral pulse wave velocity, a marker of increased vascular damage and arterial stiffness, in a study of about 1,300 women.
An analysis of pulse wave parameters in cardiovascular diagnostics has been carried out (Hlimonenko et al.
2002), which is a computerized radial artery pulse wave analysis with the CR-2000 (Hypertension Diagnostics, Eagan, Minnesota, USA).
However, not only are mechanistic studies required but also population studies, for example, that relate pulse wave velocity to biomarkers of cadmium exposure.
WASHINGTON -- Pulse wave analysis is an investigational noninvasive technique that might help doctors identify women at increased risk for preeclampsia, results of a pilot study suggest.
CardioWave, developing a precise blood pressure monitoring telemedicine platform based on high-accuracy pulse wave sensors (http://masschallenge.
Also included is a high-resolution ADC that can convert analog signals from external sensors, such as pulse wave and electrocardiogram, into digital data and deliver it to the processor.