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v. t.1.To put.
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The control room building is to be built with public wcs, One storey, Approximately 50 m 2 gross floor area, Pult roof, Not basement.
First feller pult up in this old jalopy, 'bout failin' apart.
8) Pult and colleagues observed significantly higher LIPCOF and LWE severity scores in contact lens wearers with symptoms of drying.
Like Brummer, the Stoker, and Klara, she guides Rossmann through another labyrinth: "[sie] fasste Karl bei der Hand, gieng zum Buffet, schob einen Gast beiseite, offnete eine Klapptur im Pult [.
The second, a bulbous powder-pink figure with a hole through its stomach--picture a cross between a Henry Moore bronze and the Stay Pult Marshmallow Man--wears a snooty expression.
Recapturing this era has been greatly aided by the recent appearance of CD-ROM editions of two UE house periodicals: the new music monthly Musikblatter des Anbruch (later simply Anbruch), published from 1919 to 1937, and Pult und Taktstock, a specialist journal for conductors, published between 1924 and 1930 (Vienna: Universal Edition, 2001 and 2003).
Until now, the process has been quite exclusively developed for thermosetting matrices; however, thermoplastic Pult shows a growth of interest, and considerable efforts have been made over the last decade.
But had McLeish not been able to cata-a pult Blues back into the Premier League at the first attempt, then he probably would have had his chips.
Asi mismo, unio la diocesis de Pult a la archidiocesis metropolitana de Shkodre, que asume la denominacion de Shkodre-Pult, estableciendo como sufraganeas las diocesis de Lezhe y de Sape.
Den Sukie got awful mad, and she pult up her dress an' tole de nigger traders to look an' see if dey could find any teef down dere.
The Pult of Tradition," and a presentation on women's education in Sudan.