n.1.That which is raised by pumps, or the work done by pumps.
The pumpage last year amounted to . . . gallons.
- Sci. Amer.
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The seal chamber is protected from pumpage by labyrinth rings and lipseal.
127) This study included analysis of geologic setting; groundwater systems such as well inventory, spring inventory, and streamflow measurements; classifications of different hydrogeologic units in the basin; hydraulic characteristics of each unit; relative aquifer recharge rates; groundwater movement; discharge from springs, streams, pumpage from wells and evapotranspiration; and site specific water-level fluctuations.
Project Purpose: This project will provide a Water Use Permit (WUP) and dedicated infrastructure to provide groundwater augmentation to Lake Dan, which has been partially impacted by pumpage at the Eldridge-Wilde Wellfield (ELW).
Skinner, Fax and Matuos and Masoumi's ideas are agree with effect of skipping rope on reduction of heart beat that skipping rope exercises are effective on reduction of heart beat in rest situation and increases heart efficiency, and receiving the blood volume becomes more according to Tomas, Andra, Ekman idea, and increase in heart contraction ability in blood pumpage due to regular sport activity (endurance, power and movement) can be reason for reducing heart beat in rest situation [11,16,17].
In discussing the Carrizo-Wilcox, the water board noted: "Irrigation pumpage during the drought has increased substantially in the Wintergarden area of [south-central] Texas, particularly Zavala, Wilson, and Atascosa counties.
Patented joint seals effectively protect the gear joints from pumpage contamination.
Thompson Pump's Compact pump series includes the Enviroprime system, which keeps the pumpage from discharging into the environment unlike the competition.
Best of all, Thompson Pump's Compact pump series includes the revolutionary Enviroprime[R] system - which keeps pumpage from discharging into the environment.
He said that prior to the implementation of the project at large scale, study will also be conducted simultaneously to assess the effects of solar radiation (insolation) on solar array outputs and subsequent variation in pumpage at various location around the province.
Furthermore, with particular reference to irrigation, waterlog problem prevalent in the Niger Delta, could be further aggravated through pumpage from the surface streams.
In fact, the organizations aim to develop additional test methods for assessing impact on pumpage equipment in sewers, seek to identify improved methods to mimic compromised household drains, consider implications of increased trend of treated wastewater reuse and work on on-pack labeling and consumer education so that only flushable products are flushed.
5 million for the 2011 fiscal year, with $8 million of its revenue obtained through pumpage fees.