Pumping engine

a steam engine and pump combined for raising water. See Steam engine.

See also: Pumping

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Impressive horse-drawn fire engines from the city's 1904 fleet included the Duncan, pulled by one horse and carrying electric lights and an air pumping engine.
As a brakesman in 1811 when the pumping engine kept breaking down at High Pit, Killingwoth, Stephenson offered to have a go at fixing it, resulting in him being given responsibility for the maintenance of all colliery engines in the region, soon he became an expert in steam driven machines and as they say the rest is history.
It was sold to the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board in 1859 for use as a pumping engine, but was rediscovered and restored in the 1920s.
Ultimately Red Bull's biggest weapon is not a famous driver or a pumping engine.
Although some items are now stored at the Museum Collections Centre, Thinktank displays exhibits that were never shown at the old museum - most notably a massive pumping engine of 1890, complementing the 1779 Smethwick Engine by the pioneering firmof Boulton andWatt.
Earlswood began to receive visitors, not to see the pumping engine but to see the water, large sheets of which were notgenerally available in Warwickshire.
FORMIDABLE: The Mazda RX- 8, a four-seater coupe, is distinctive in appearance and revolutionary under the bonnet, with a spinning rather than pumping engine action
The pumping engine was needed to get the system going even though it was self-acting.
On January 16, 1862, a beam of a pumping engine broke, sending tons of cast iron into its sole shaft, blocking any chance of escape for the miners below.