Punch and Judy

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a puppet show in which a comical little hunchbacked Punch, with a large nose, engages in altercation with his wife Judy.

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I took an evening walk in Turin, and presently came across a little Punch and Judy show in one of the great squares.
Lord Lundie strove to disembarrass himself of his accoutrements much as an ill-trained Punch and Judy dog tries to escape backwards through his frilled collar.
But Father Brown, whether from a professional interest in ritual or a strong individual interest in tomfoolery, stopped and stared up at the balcony of the sun-worshipper, just as he might have stopped and stared up at a Punch and Judy.
She exaggerated the Punch and Judy aspect of life, and spoke of mankind as puppets, whom an invisible showman twitches into love and war.
He ground his teeth at the crying balloons; he cursed the moving pictures; and, though he would drink whenever asked, he scorned Punch and Judy, and was for licking the tintype men as they came.
We aren't going to have a Punch and Judy show in the street, but to sing a genteel song.
Organisers have scrapped a popular Punch and Judy show at a children's fun day because it's too violent
Further entertainment was provided by Colne Valley Music School, cheerleaders and a Punch and Judy puppet show.
BIRMINGHAM'S band of Punch and Judy entertainers - stung by a raft of security checks - have told education chiefs: "That's not the way to do it.
Jason Millband, whose wife was directly descended from the Codmans - the original owners of Llandudno's Punch and Judy show - died on February 26 aged 74.
ENGLAND TODAY See the superstars of seaside silliness for traditional Punch and Judy slapstick nonsense on Brighton seafront.
In this fascinating account of the development of Punch and Judy in Scotland, Martin MacGilp has deftly avoided the ongoing disputes about the origins of Mr Punch in England.