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Unlike in Kandis, the contours here have almost entirely dissolved: The surface of the image is completely covered in a regular texture of tiny clumps of paint, and the impression of a portrait is created solely by the punctiform application of color--in this case pink, blue, and orange, together with shades of gray--on this compact "paint skin.
There was one lost to follow up in both groups and one withdrawal in placebo group because of punctiform hemorrhage in the brain.
The morphologies observed ranged from small, white punctiform colonies to irregular-shaped, colored colonies.
Another contemporary report described brains subjected to aerial explosion, with hemorrhages due to rupture of small vessels in many places and punctiform hemorrhages throughout the white matter; no illustrations were provided [15].
The lighting is provided by 5000 punctiform halogen lamps distributed in a network across the internal surface of the wave.
The discharge in the electric sparks last a very short time, producing high energy on the very small surfaces and punctiform a very high temperature instead of discharges through electric arcs which are very powerful on the more bigger surfaces and can last longer(welding, shortcutting).
33) Skin involvement may take the form of punctiform or maculopapular rashes or erythema nodosum.
His punctiform pupils managed, who knows how, to laugh.
However, staining had a more punctiform appearance.
Caespituli amphigenous, punctiform to subeffuse, dark brown, not very conspicuous.