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full-surface probing with punctiform ground-based ordnance clearance (full-surface cmr) and ordnance clearance through soil erosion and separation (volume clearing).
Multislice computed tomography of the brain did not show any acute focal lesions, while magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain revealed a pronounced tangle of punctiform tubular lesions of the flow void type, in the sense of tangle of small blood vessels, in the medial temporal lobe, the amygdala, and the right uncus.
The position of each electrode was identified on axial ultrasound images after penetrating the visualized image plane as a strong punctiform reflector.
Two of 9 birds in the 2-mg/kg group, 2/9 in 10-mg/kg group, and 1/9 in 20-mg/kg group had punctiform erosion of the proventriculus or ventriculus at necropsy.
5 cm) in the left frontal lobe, in which small punctiform low signal shadow was visible and low signal band was noted at the border.
Margins of colonies varied from circular, irregular to punctiform with entire, curled and undulated margin.
At the necropsy, the abomasum was markedly distended by gas with the mucosa showing white punctiform multifocal areas and large amounts of mucus.
The fruits are subglobose, to 7 x 6 cm, white to green, scattered with punctiform areoles externally; the endocarp is hyaline and the seeds are black.
Examination revealed an erythematous and elevated punctiform lesion with mild fluctuation in the occipital region accompanied by tender, small lymph node enlargement of both occipital lymphatic chains (Figure).
In this system, three types of scars are described: icepick, which are narrow, punctiform, deep scars (0.
16) The new technologies available could analyze various genetic changes such as punctiform mutations, loss of heterozygosity or genetic instability.