n.1.(Glass Making) See Pontee.
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Brian Dick looks back at the best - and worst - of the 2014-15 season layer of the Season PUntil a few weeks ago it was a closerun thing between David Davis and Clayton Donaldson but the amiable striker takes it for running through the line.
Puntil does notice a decline in concessions such as free rent, however.
Even profitable companies are downsizing," concurs Puntil.
Today, however, corporations continue to downsize, and "most people are so glad to have a job that they don't complain when they are moved from an office to a 100-square-foot cubicle," notes Puntil.
Puntil, formerly president, national property management services, Grubb & Ellis, who was named earlier as president and chief operating officer of Axiom.
Puntil said that in addition to providing facilities management services to IBM locations throughout the United States, Axiom will provide property management and construction management services to approximately 400 locations across the country previously serviced by Grubb & Ellis.
Puntil, president, national property management services, Grubb & Ellis, will be president and COO.